Keeping your email box cleaned.

When we get busy the last thing that we think about is going through the many emails that we get on a daily basis.

It is important that we manage our our email box to ensure that the emails that are sent to us are not bouncing back to the sender.

Failure to do keep your email box cleaned out will eventually cause your email box to bounce emails back to the sender as being over quota.

When emails bounce back to the sender, the sender has a few options that they can do to address this; 1) Ignore it 2) Flag your account for bouncing emails 3) Turn your notifications off 4) Suspend your account.

We can avoid all of this by simply making it part of our daily routine to go through our emails or at least delete any emails that are older than 15 days old.

Most email service providers have functions that can be set up to manage these things for you so that you don’t have to worry about keeping your email box tidy.

Spend the time to save yourself a lot of extra hassle in the future. Take my word from experience, it is a lot of unnecessary work trying to get your affiliate accounts reactivated due to bouncing emails.

Hello world!

Welcome to CoopMG!

Our commitment to you as a member of CoopMG is to do our best to provide you with the best possible marketing and advertising system that we are able to. We could not have done this without you!

One of our ongoing efforts is to continuously look for more active exchanges to join the CoopMG Network Partnership so that your Sites, Banners, Text Ads and Sales Pages get the widest exposure as possible.

Officially on August 1st, we joined forces and have merged JAC Traffic and Cooperative Marketing Group in to one company. We decided that we will continue to operate under the company name of Cooperative Marketing Group. The following are the current websites that we own:

Cooperative Marketing Group – Network Partnerships, Advertising and Top Surfer Awards Certificates

Traffic Exchange Headquarters – The most effective tools and information absolutely FREE!

Hot Flash Hits – Daily Hullabaloo, Advertising Venue – active, social advertising community.

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Viral Safelist Mailer – Email marketing that reaches thousands of prospective clients.

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Together we can help you Build YOUR Business!