Keeping your email box cleaned.

When we get busy the last thing that we think about is going through the many emails that we get on a daily basis.

It is important that we manage our our email box to ensure that the emails that are sent to us are not bouncing back to the sender.

Failure to do keep your email box cleaned out will eventually cause your email box to bounce emails back to the sender as being over quota.

When emails bounce back to the sender, the sender has a few options that they can do to address this; 1) Ignore it 2) Flag your account for bouncing emails 3) Turn your notifications off 4) Suspend your account.

We can avoid all of this by simply making it part of our daily routine to go through our emails or at least delete any emails that are older than 15 days old.

Most email service providers have functions that can be set up to manage these things for you so that you don’t have to worry about keeping your email box tidy.

Spend the time to save yourself a lot of extra hassle in the future. Take my word from experience, it is a lot of unnecessary work trying to get your affiliate accounts reactivated due to bouncing emails.

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  1. It would also make it a lot easier to keep email boxes cleaned if some of the ones sending the emails would send just one instead of 3 or 4 because its easier to resend than put all the info in one. Ie Te owners/admins that have more than one promo going on at once. I have seen more than one Te owner/admin send an email for each promo they are having that day instead of just putting them all in one email. Not only does it make it easier to keep them clean but easier to read them too, when you figure how many other emails people are reading daily.

    1. Hi Ann, Thanks for the comment and you are correct. When all that is added to all the email coming from mailers and safelist’s it adds up quickly. We have been working on combining our messages from all our systems in to one email for our newsletter. Will take some doing but we will eventually get there.

    1. Hi Gary. Yes it is because it is way down on the learning list of things to do that it often times gets forgotten when it is a very important task.

  2. We receive lot of emails. Normally gmail is encouraged by TEs , coops and others. Each account receives 15 gb space for emails. Its too huge. Chances of bouncing are less unless one is a TE owner himself and receiving thousands of emails with attachments daily.

    It is good practice to clean the email box so that the sender does not receive the bounce notification. It is irritating.

    1. Hi Philip – yes deleting emails in Gmail is very difficult and often times freezes up. What I do to help with this is use the filter functions for dates and focus on deleting one day at a time. Once I have my email box cleaned out – I then do my best to maintain it on a daily basis – even if I don’t read the emails I delete any that are older than 4-5 days old.

  3. i frequently used to delete the emails after reading them.,
    sometimes when I undertake the after a brief interval it
    becomes a tedious work to delete.
    so immediate deletion is best I think so.

  4. Very Useful Information!

    I have already suffered some consequences of not cleaning my email box regularly.
    I’ve had my account flagged and received threats of suspension of my account.
    I learned my lesson and now make it a point to do some email box cleaning at least every other day.

    1. Thanks for the reply Lorna. Yes I have lost too many accounts because of not maintaining my email box. Definitely need to make it one of the many tasks we manage often.

  5. Hi, basically just use Gmail because you will not run out of space anytime soon, only way is to be a member of hundreds of mailers and not deleting email for years., at some point I have an account with so many emails and it was just 20% full.

  6. Hi, basically just use Gmail because you will not run out of space anytime soon, only way is to be a member of hundreds of mailers/safelists and not deleting email for years., at some point I have an account with so many emails and it was just 20% full.

    1. If you are new to the industry – the amount of email you receive is small but the longer you a part of TEs, Mailers and Safelists – the daily email grows very quickly. As a TE owner with an account at over 1200 TEs, Mailers and Safelists, I literally get 20,000 + emails daily. Wish I had learned to manage my email box early in the game as it took me many days to delete all the old outdated emails from my email box. Thanks for the reply!

    1. Thanks Jeannie. I enjoy helping others and if you found this information useful then I did just that. Best to your success as well.

    1. Hi Willard – Thanks for your response. I have not tested but will look in to it. I only use GMail and due to the amount of emails I receive daily – it still can cause bounce messages of being over quota. I still believe that the best practice is to keep your email boxes clean regardless of what system you use to receive emails.

  7. I create a filter and a folder for each group of emails. So my inbox only got new unsorted emails. So I got what they call a split inbox. A filter also keep emails from those emails out of the spam folder 99.9% of the time. I always check my spam folder when I check my emails.

    1. Yes – there are an abundance of credits to be found in all those emails. Credit links, promo codes, special offers, etc. are the only reason that I get them. Otherwise I would turn off my notifications when and where I could. Thanks for the reply Annie!

  8. True dat, Randy and Jolynn!

    I´m unblocking accounts for that reason. I was offline for months and as I was receiving an average of 300 emails a day, they piled up fast!

    Trying to get back up again, slowly but surely! lol

    I´m all back up and running on your sites, woohoo!

    Take care, Lee aka griega 🙂

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