Are you missing out?

CoopMG Daily Advertising Bonus!

Are you missing out? Did you know that there is a daily cross promo that takes place at the following sites:

Your Email Address Must Be the Same at All 6 Exchanges to claim the reward. When you are done surfing, claim your prize under the Surfer Rewards Tab! Choose from the following prizes:
135 Ad Views or 1350 Banner Ads or 2700 Text Ads

We don’t require much surfing, only 75 pages at each exchange and we give you a good deal of advertising for your efforts – start now and make this daily promo a part of your daily surfing activity.

Credits have been taken out of the equation at ADsomniacs but – Banners and Text Ads work too. If you need extra advertising this is the promo for you. Grab your advertising bonus every day!

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” ~Jim Rohn

Tis the Season to be giving – From December 15th through the day after Christmas Day, Secret Santa will be visiting – so keep a look out for him while surfing – he has presents for you!!!!

7 Replies to “Are you missing out?”

  1. I only surf with Traffic Browser and ADsomniacs is still in the voting stage. Any idea how long it takes to get approved? All of us that are members of TB should go and vote to help with the admission to surf.

    1. Hi Steven,

      I don’t use Traffic Browser so I am not entirely sure – you could send a support ticket to Traffic Browser to ask them. Getting members to vote for ADsomniacs to be added would be a good idea!

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